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Perhaps more excessive even than Coulter, Pierce Kramer is one of the most extreme political commentators on the Australian, or even the world, scene, who is still at large.

Brooking no liberalist sophistry, no refuge in “philosophy”, no escape into “ethical” niceties, no loose morality and staunchly refusing to shake metaphorical hands in any way with the treachery of the left, Pierce Kramer is the darling and visionary of the “legitimate right” particularly in the USA.

Naturally he despises them all.

You can read his milder, publishable opinions in this blog.

Pierce Kramer’s political life began as a member of the Socialist Club at university and he contributed to a variety of left-wing magazines before seeing the light at the age of about thirty and “converting” to the National Socialist Club where everything for once made sense.

As such he has a unique insight into how the tiny-brained, one-eyed left sees the world.

But of course it’s much more than that. Kramer has a real vision for the future, and it includes boots and dark shirts.