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A little local fascism may be the answer. Ask Ann Coulter.

Where are the right-wing commentators in our media?

Alan Jones does not go hard enough. Andrew Bolt is a leftist suck and Piers Ackerman is a chattering-class elitist.


We need people who are willing to give both sides of the story - the Liberals AND One Nation. And we need people with the balls to protect such heroes.

The closest we seem to have come is a woman Senator known as “La Contessa”. She’s got the balls to make it happen. She’s got the guts to stand up to the sicko liberals in her own party but she can’t do it on her own. We have to help her. We have to point out those class traitors who profess liberal, democratic, humanistic values and have them replaced by good ruthless, righteous Christian warriors. And she’s the one to do it!

Now, I have heard people say that she should shut up until she actually gets elected by Australian voters and not just nominated by the arrogant religious extremists of the liberal party.

Well, they don’t understand. They don’t know anything about Italian history. They know nothing of Greek philosophy. Have they read Plato’s Republic? No! Of COURSE not! Get this through your thick skulls: Italy was never so efficient as when Mussolini was in power. I’m not advocating full-blown National Socialism, but as Ann Coulter says, weak minded small-l liberals don’t seem to appreciate the benefits of a little “local fascism”.

You see, Plato had it right. The wise and strong must rule - those who know the secret truth must dominate. The weak and the weak-minded cannot look after themselves. They need strong and ruthless leaders, whether they like it or not. Not leaders who will tell them what to think, but leaders who will tell them NOT to think! Or else! Leaders who are not too squeamish to tell the Noble Lies that must be told for the good of the masses. Leaders who know by their birthright what is right and what is wrong.

And what is right is a catholic god.

Leo Strauss knew this. Let the herd believe in their superstitions. It keeps them calm. The leaders do not need to believe in any such drivel but they must say they do and look as if they do. Bush at least has this right - he pretends that his “God” talks to him personally and tells him to do things like destroy a country full of arabs. He knew that is what Jesus would do - because Jesus told him! (Or so he tells the ignorant masses.)

This “Contessa” - she is the real deal. She will do what is right. Just tell her what you heard and when and by whom. She will do the rest.

She’s already started. And you can help by sending her your information. Here is a form you can fill out. No-one need ever know who you are, not even your family will know it was you who dobbed them in.

Especially, tell her about the ABC and how leftist it is. Tell her that Barry Cassidy isn’t right wing enough. Sometimes he questions Andrew Bolt on The Insiders. If you ever hear Jonesey saying anything the slightest limply teensy bit leftist in amongst all that bravado, TELL THE CONTESSA.

It’s easy to do the right thing. Just fill out this form and it will send La Contessa a message!

Believe ME!

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