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Decadent right is exactly like the slimy useless left

The only good thing about the current governments of Australia and the USA is that at least they’re pointing in the right direction.

But they’ve got no balls, either of them. I mean for Gods sake Rumsfeld is clearly already past it. And Bush never had any. Howard still shows all the signs of being the nerdy bogan pre-adolescent with no friends. Why do you think he chose politics? It’s the only other profession where having no friends is an asset and where it doesn’t look abnormal to have everyone despise you. Yes, that’s right. The other one is prostitution.

Words and actions. Words are cheap. Where’s any meaningful action?

But if you really want cheap words, look at the so-called “right-wing commentators”! What a joke! Bolts has no Nuts! AKA Girlie? Slowdown Limbaugh? A chicken has more teeth. Keeping up with the Joneseys? A baby can crawl faster, and with a better sense of direction. Miranda deVille? A dalmation puppy has more bite. All any of these people ever do is make money out of a little polite turkey slapping, slinging off at the left while they take their nice fat paychecks and sip on chardonnay, watch foreign films, strut around at first nights in shiny shoes and for all I know do unusual things amongst consenting adults in private. Just like the left. They’re the pretend right. They do it for effect and for their pitiful “careers”. The real right means nothing to them. They merely use it. To them the right is just a convenient means to define them, that’s all, to position their personal brand in the market.

All they are required to do is sell advertising space. That’s their actual job. They’re “classifieds” clerks. They’re used by the barons, and their brains are used up. They’ve ceased to think. It’s all done by formula. Baby formula. They’re as decadent as the rest of the slimy useless left. And the worst thing is, they don’t care what effect they have. They drain the energy others could use to really make a difference. They don’t have any vision. They just pander to whatever stance the government is taking this week. Instead of showing the government leadership they’re just spineless yes-men.

They’re the GST right - whatever the government says plus ten percent. 

They’re the gymnastic right. When the government changes its mind, they flip over and flop down their re-edited columns on their pansy editors’ desks, oh-so smoothly without missing a beat, as if they thought so all along.

They’re just a sideshow. Jelly-wrestling whores have more class - and are more entertaining. There can be no shaking hands with the enemy on the left, either real or implied. They may be at the right ballgame but they throw like girls. Let them look at Ann Coulter. She’s out there on her own, showing the US administration the way. They’re scrabbling to keep up. 

Let’s be clear - the real threat is not from the terrorists. You have to be clear-minded about this. What’s 3,000 civilians in real terms? How many thousands do you think die on the roads in the USA for one example? How many murders? It doesn’t begin to stack up against the tens of thousands we’ve needed to kill in Iraq. We’re much more terrifying than any terrorist rabble.

The reality is, they don’t know it, but in a way, the terrorists work for us. They provide something we need and can’t provide ourselves: the outside enemy the people need, to keep them focused. They’re a convenient straw man who invited themselves to our party and who the stupid American President and his cronies jumped on and completely screwed up.

No it’s not the terrorists. The real threat is the threat from within; the threat from the left; and from the pretend right. The threat from the gutless marshmallow right is much bigger and much more dangerous than any sickly old diabetic in a cave. 

By pulling their punches and draining our resources the commentators stop us achieving what must be achieved.


Comment from Anonymous
Time: October 22, 2006, 8:49 am

I can’t believe you right such twaddle. The left is the only hope for the future. They are the only ones who really believe in your “liberty” and “democracy”. Why don’t you go back to Uzbekistan where they understand tolitarianism.

Comment from Pierce Kramer
Time: October 22, 2006, 9:03 am

Who ever said I believed in YOUR liberty, dickhead? People like you should be put in a little room with your bum-chum Saddam and let him rule YOU. Then we’ll see whether you still love him or whether you change your tiny mind about Iraq. At least we TOOK ACTION against the terrorist bastards who blew up the New York Trade Fair.