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“Waah, Howard lied to us, boo hoo.”

Well of course we knew we were going to war before Howard said he decided.

A year before the invasion of Iraq, the then Australian ambassador to the United Nations, John Dauth, confidentially told AWB’s former chairman Trevor Flugge the Howard government would participate in military action with the US to overthrow Saddam Hussein, new AWB documents reveal.

AWB Board minutes show Mr Flugge told the AWB board on February 27, 2002, that Mr Dauth confided in him that he believed US military action to depose Saddam Hussein was inevitable and that the Australian government would support and participate in such action, Fairfax newspapers report.

Howard is the Prime Monitor. We have to trust him to play the game right. He can’t tell us everything because our enemies could use it against us. And in this case our enemies were the Iraqis who were buying our wheat and we were flicking kickbacks to. I mean, this underhanded dealing they were insisting on already cost us $300 million. Going to war against them was the only way to stop it.

Of course Howard knew. And he knew that Saddam would invite the weapons inspectors in and he knew that they wouldn’t find anything. We all knew that. But you have to consider the Australian farmers. If we didn’t sell their wheat they mightn’t vote for us at the next election. And then you’d be stuck with Labor and Howard would be left with egg on his face. And we can’t have that. Have you no compassion?

We have a god-given right and moral duty to crush the Iraqi pagans and slaughter them and take all their wealth. And remember that this is literal the Word of God:

“Because you have sinned against the LORD, I will make you as helpless as a blind man searching for a path. Your blood will be poured out into the dust, and your bodies will lie there rotting on the ground.” Your silver and gold will be of no use to you on that day of the LORD’s anger. For the whole land will be devoured by the fire of his jealousy. He will make a terrifying end of all the people on earth. (Zephaniah 1:7:18)

“I will sweep away everything in all your land,” says the LORD. “I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity,” says the LORD.(Zephaniah 1:2-6)

So don’t bloody come to me with your whining about “Waah, Howard lied to us, boo hoo.” We did what we had to do and if that means lying to our citizens, well, just ask Leo Strauss about that. You do what you must to control the beast. For its own good.

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