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Archive for October, 2006

Forget Uncovered Meat! The problem is the Pie!

What really gets a man’s blood boiling? What gets him on the chase?

Ditch Bush! Get out now, John

John, the bloke is about to implode and it is going to be really messy.

A little local fascism may be the answer. Ask Ann Coulter.

I’m not advocating full-blown National Socialism, but as Ann Coulter says, weak minded small-l liberals don’t seem to appreciate the benefits of a little “local fascism”.

Decadent right is exactly like the slimy useless left

…they take their nice fat paychecks and sip on chardonnay, watch foreign films, strut around at first nights in shiny shoes and for all I know do unusual things amongst consenting adults in private. Just like the left. They’re the pretend right.